Comparative Clothing Review Disclaimer: Free use

### Fair Use Disclaimer

This video is created for the purposes of comparative advertising to provide a clear and honest analysis between Lozana and Lululemon brands, aiding consumer choice and market awareness. Any use of third-party trademarks is solely to assist viewers in understanding the product being referred to and is not intended to imply any affiliation with or sponsorship by any other brands.

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  1. **Comparative Advertising**:

   - The products are rated on a scale of 1-10 with ten being best and one being worst. The aim is to provide a truthful and non-misleading comparison between Lozana and third party/parties products, aligning with the permissible use of third-party trademarks under U.S. trademark law 

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   - There is no affiliation, endorsement, or sponsorship between Lozana and third party/parties or between this video and the brands discussed. This video represents an independent comparison.

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   - While there may be commercial benefit derived from this video, the use of third party/parties trademarks is limited to what is necessary for the comparative analysis, adhering to the fair use guidelines.

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   - This disclaimer is prominently displayed to ensure viewers are aware of the fair use context under which this comparison is made, clarifying the relationship, or lack thereof, between Lozana and the third party/parties.,【42†9.%20Conclusion】 

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By adhering to the guidelines provided by legal counsel and the principles of fair use, this video seeks to provide a balanced and honest comparison between Lozana and the third party/parties products while respecting the intellectual property rights of the third party/parties.