Our Story

My name is Ryan Kubanka and I am the CEO/Founder of Lozana. Lozana is a trademarked clothing brand whose goal is to provide the highest quality clothes while giving, serving, helping, and leading our customers to live wealthier lives. Lozana believes wealth comes down to your mindset, physical health, and financial health.

When I was growing up, many things happened to me that didn't make much sense. Whether it was bullies, family, or the death of loved ones, it all started when I was about 7 years old. Bad things kept piling on as I got older, and I eventually lost myself. I went from a courageous, fearless, happy boy to a closed-off, anxious, and depressed boy. My escape from everything around me was the gym, the stock market, and basketball. And in my free time, when I made a little money, I looked at clothes online. I use the word "escape" because I ran from my problems. I slowly became worse and worse until I started smoking and making poor decisions for my health. I quit working out, and I became a mess as a person with no purpose.

Why am I telling you this? Eventually, I faced my issues, and I found myself again around the age of 22. It took me two years of commitment, but I was able to change my mindset, gain confidence, kick my addictions, cure my anxiety, find that courage and passion I had as a kid, and consistently live a good life each day. I did it because of Lozana. Lozana gave me purpose and forced me to climb out of the hole I was in. It forced me to seek a better life and pursue my dreams. With over three-quarters of college students experiencing moderate to serious psychological distress, my goal is to help individuals overcome issues just as I did. The harsh truth I learned about the world is most people don't care about your issues, and no one is coming to save you. But I have been blessed and given the opportunity to make a different choice than that. I love people, I love the world, and I think the future is bright. I will share my stories and provide the motivation, encouragement, knowledge, tools, and resources I continue to gain on my journey to give people hope.

I see the clothes I make as a symbol of change and wealth. It's a symbol of the things I've overcome and the vision I have to help others so we can have a bright future. My goal is three things with the clothes:

1. Extraordinary Quality!

2. Improve the design and fit as Lozana grows.

3. Interact with customers, prioritize feedback, and provide the best customer service. Lozana will be creative to actively involve customers in our brand. It's not just about clothes or making money, it's also about having some fun!

And since the clothes are a symbol of wealth and change, that includes helping individuals improve their financial health, right? Wealth is worry-free health. And many people's worries come down to money. My long-term goal is to invest in small businesses and teach people what I learn along the way. I also want to provide very basic financial knowledge that can help spark creative minds to pursue a better life and invest in themselves. In addition, Lozana's goal is to partner with other successful entrepreneurs so they can share their knowledge with you. We will feature them on our social media pages so you have easy access to their unique perspective on life and money.

Every person has a purpose, and sometimes they need some help to recognize it. That's my vision for Lozana, and the clothes I make will be a symbol of that vision.

Invest in yourself with clothing for a better future!

Thank you for taking the time to read this! Welcome to Lozana!